Lifestyle Success

Exactly what do we mean by “Lifestyle Success”?

Well, we all know that life is not as easy as it used to be a few decades ago - or at least that is how we experience things.

So much has changed.

There is currently probably more pressure on us for achievement than ever before in history.

Life achievements are more important now than ever before. But is “Life Achievement” the same thing as “Lifestyle Success”?

Read on, and you will discover the answer.

At the same time, our society has become one of “instants” – instant foods, instant coffee, instant photographs, instant credit, instant information availability, instant messaging, instant relationships and probably a whole list of others too.

Well, that's not so bad, is it?

No, as long as we realise that not everything can be achieved instantly.

Some things take time - like the growth of a baby inside the mother's womb. Lifestyle success requires us to maintain the correct balance between “instant” and “timely”.

So does this also hold true for lifestyle success? Or any success, for that matter?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Everybody wants to be successful. And most want to achieve it instantly - NOW!

That's why the GRQ schemes are so popular.

"The what?" I hear you say.

The Get Rich Quick (GRQ) schemes.

Yes, we all want success - you do too, don't you?

And we also don’t want to wait too long for things to happen, because life is moving along at a rapid rate, and we don't want to get left behind.

Now, what is Lifestyle Success? Ah, keep on reading, because the answer is somewhere on this page...

But before we can get to Lifestyle Success, we must first define what success - in general - is.

So what is success? How do we define it?

If you ask one hundred people, you are likely to get several different answers.

But I can almost guarantee you that the most frequent answer will be one in which financial affluence is put at the top of the list.

So, what is your definition of success?

Go ahead, write it down before you continue reading this web page.

Go ahead, we’ll wait for you...

Back so soon?

Did you really do it, or are you taking the instant route (ah, there’s that “instant” idea again!) by just reading our definition?

We dare you to create your own definition, because that will be the only way you can really benefit from this exercise...

One of the important things to remember is that Lifestyle Success cannot be achieved without effort.

You have to be serious about achieving success - just wishing for it will NOT make it happen!

Ok, so now that you have defined what your definition of success is, let’s take a peek at how someone else once defined success.

“Success,” he said, “is being able to live wherever you want to live, do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it and for as long as you want to do it.”

Wow, that sounds like a nice definition, doesn’t it?

Just imagine it: Living where you want to live (in a nice condo right on the beach in Hawaii).

And as for doing whatever you want to do: how about water-skiing the whole morning, followed by a nice siesta for an hour or three - just to get rid of all the stress.

Not too bad, heh?

Yep, it sounds good.

So let's apply his definition to the following fictitious scenario:

There is a busy highway linking one suburb of a massive city (imagine a city of your own choice - ed) with another. Under the bridge is a shack of some sort. Nothing much – just a few boxes erected for walls and an old blanket functioning as a carpet. In this shack lives a bum. When he wakes up in the morning, his eyelids heavy from the hangover, his head throbbing, he starts his way to his favourite corner. There he will sit for the better part of the morning, until he has enough money to buy himself half a loaf of bread and a bottle of cheap booze. Then he will return home, eat his bread and drink himself into a stupor until he passes out... just like he did yesterday. And the day before. And the day before...

Okay, is this guy a success?

"NO, of course not!" will most probably be your answer.

But let’s look at our definition again: He lives where he wants to live. He does what he wants to do, as often as he wants to, and for as long as he wants to.

Sounds to me like he is a success, don’t you agree?

Now you can see why it was so important for you to create your own definition of success, can’t you?

You just shouldn't accept anybody else's definition for what living successfully is. Someone else’s definition is just not good enough for you.


Because you are an individual, not a carbon copy of someone else...

Therefore you have to design and live your own Lifestyle Success.

Mother Teresa was another such example.

Very few people in the world will argue that she was not immensely successful. Yet, she had no house, no car and very little income. But what she had, she shared. She lived love towards other people, and this lifestyle has made her a successful person.

Now that I have your attention, maybe this is a good time for me to start discussing Lifestyle Success with you.

Yes, discussing, not lecturing. That won’t do – you are an individual, remember?

Ok, so let’s start, you and me, upon our road of discovery.

Lifestyle Success, in my opinion, cannot be described with one word. Someone asks: “What’s your definition of success?” and the guy answers: “Wealth!” Nope, that answer won’t do, because it excludes millions of people who were not wealthy, yet were extremely successful, like Mahatma Gandhi.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think that success can really be described in one sentence, either.

Let’s look at someone you are most likely to know. Would you say, for instance, that Bill Gates is successful? Yes?

Well, yes, he probably is. Not only because he has more money than some small countries. No, also because he has made Microsoft into a worldwide company, employing thousands of people and thus feeding thousands more. Also because he has almost completely dominated certain areas in which his company operates. And also because he is forward thinking – he doesn’t wait for someone else to discover a new trend, it is more likely that he will create the trends. (Please note that by using this person and his company in this example, I am not implying that he or his company is better than the opposition. I am merely using a well-known person to make my point).

From the above paragraph you will be able to see why I have stated that I don’t believe one can define success in one single sentence. How can one describe all those areas of achievement (and there are probably more) in one sentence? It simply can’t be done without forcing the written language into ridiculous structures...

Success, then, spans across a wide spectrum of life’s areas, like: Family, marriage (where applicable), work, health, career, thinking patterns, relationships, religion, watching your weight, good eating habits, a healthy exercise program, the way you treat your dog (seriously!), and possibly a score of other things too.

You get the point.

Lifestyle Success covers your whole life, not just one area of it (like money)!

On this web site, because it is a Christian web site, we will add one very specific requirement - God. We want to define Lifestyle Success as "being the person that God has designed you to be in all areas of your life".

That's one sentence. "Didn't you say that you can't do it in one sentence", you might ask.

Well, yes, I did. But while I did define what I consider to be Lifestyle Success in one sentence, it really only shows the tip of the iceberg, as it were. However, to describe what it means to be living life successfully really means, we will have to dig into several different areas of life, and describe success for each one of them. And then there's another angle to look at also.

Success is not only how you handle the good things in life, but also how you handle it when things don't go according to plan.

See the article Life's Storms: How to weather the storms in your life for more on this topic. Here, then, follow some examples of how to achieve Lifestyle Success in different areas of your life (at this stage these are not links yet, but I'll start activating them one be one, so keep coming back regularly - ed):

- How to be a Good Husband
- How to be a good wife
- How to have a successful marriage
- How to be a successful parent
- How to be a successful child
- How to be a success at school work
- How to be a success at sports
- How to be a successful employee
- How to be a successful employer
- How to Set Goals successfully
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- How to plan successfully
- How to build a successful career
- How to be successful in Multi-Level Marketing
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- How to be successful in your relationships
- How to achieve what God has intended for you to achieve
- How to apply the Law of Attraction successfully in your life
- How to be a successful Christian
- How to pray successfully
- How to create a successful exercise programme
- How to successfully lose weight (and keep it off)
- How to die successfully
- How to plan your estate successfully
- How to have a successful holiday
- How to successfully fulfil your dreams
- How to get out of debt successfully
- How to stay out of debt successfully

As you can see from the items above, Lifestyle Success is much, much more than just being wealthy. Lifestyle Success covers that whole spectrum of your life.

Does that mean that you have to be successful in ALL of these areas (and others that aren't covered) before you can consider yourself a successful person?

No, it doesn't. But if you have not achieved what God has planned for you in any area of your life, it does mean that your work is not complete yet. There is more to do, more to learn, more areas to grow in...

Lifestyle Success, in conclusion, is not a goal but rather a journey.

And the secret?

It has to begin on the in-side, and then work its way towards the out-side! Zig Ziglar said it so beautifully: “You’ve got to BE before you can DO and DO before you can HAVE”.

In other words, you have to first be a success on the inside before you can create it on the outside.

And that's the journey we want to help you discover. Enjoy it, because it is the journey that God has designed for you, and no one can do it on your behalf.

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