A Home for Christians on the internet

Welcome to the home on the internet for Christians of all ages.

Our Vision
To be the Nr 1 web site of its kind on the internet.

Our Mission
This site is a web portal that was designed and built with two specific purposes in mind:
1) To give almighty God as much honour as is humanly possible;
2) To be the place where web surfers like you and me can find what we
really want on the internet without having to visit many different web sites.

Sure, at this stage the site might not be the most comprehensive web site on the internet – we have barely started, haven’t we?

Our intention still is to let this site grow into a very comprehensive web portal, covering the following areas of interest:
· The Christian faith & religion
· The God-centered life
· The godly family
· Godly business
· Christian books
· Gospel music
· What interests women
· What interests men
· What interests teenagers
· What interests children
· E-cards
· Biblical teachings & doctrine
· Daily devotions
· Weekly messages
· Lifestyle success
· Poems
· Prayer requests
· Travel

Other points of interest
Because we use British spelling, our American visitors will find some words spelled "incorrectly". For example you are likely to find words like "behaviour" instead of "behavior" and "specialise" instead of "specialize".

While you are welcome to inform us of such cases, we won't change them. However, should you find any other errors on our site, please let us know about them.

We also appreciate our readers' comments about our site.

Simply click on "Contact Us" in the menu, and send us your message - errors and/or comments. Thank you in advance for doing so!

There you have it – quite a mouthful (or should I rather say browserful)!

Check back regularly, and share the excitement of our growing web site with us.